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There are plenty of places to play, whether you live in the city or the suburbs. Take a look at these fantastic recreation centers, best playground, and parks that are sure to entertain the whole family.

Washington Park Children's Playground in Over-the-Rhine

The Washington Park Children's playground in Over-the-Rhine has some great features. There are a few features on the half-acre playground. Two slides, a climbing wall, a sandbox, and a water feature are among these. Additionally, the playground has a gate and a fence.

The interactive water fountain is one of the Washington Park Children's Playground's best features. During hot summer days, this fountain is a great way to cool off. In the playground canal, you can also watch the leaf boats race down the stream.

large playground, dog park, and splash pad are additional features. You can also relax and enjoy the outdoors at the picnic tables and benches. Additionally, the park can be rented for private and business gatherings.

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1000 Hands Every Child's Playground at Sawyer Point

1000 Hands Every Child's Playground is a one-of-a-kind playground at Sawyer Point that promotes play for all children while also commemorating Cincinnati's history. Tunnels, musical toys, features resembling monkey bars, and an interactive sand table make up the play structure. Additionally, the playground is an excellent location to view the river and surroundings.

The Otto Armleder Memorial Aquatic Sprayground is one of the inclusive parks many attractions that makes it worthwhile to visit. In addition, the park has a Tot-lot, an arched bridge, a riverboat shelter, a mini-mountain, walking paths, and unique surfacing. There are additionally a few enormous celebrations held at the recreation area every year.

Additionally, the park is home to Ohio's first and only handicap-accessible public treehouse. In addition, the park has a dog park and miles of hiking trails. A great way to escape the heat of summer is to go to the park.

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