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Whether you are looking for the perfect inclusive playground for your children or for your friends and family, there are a few different types of playgrounds to choose from. The playgrounds listed below offer a range of different features, including climbing, slides, and swings.

Inclusive Playground

The inclusive playground is a typical playground that can be found close to the west of Stampede Park in Calgary. This playground welcomes children of all abilities. The park is a terrific place to let off some steam because it has a play structure that has two levels and a soft bottom on both levels of the structure. The park is also equipped with a profusion of seating alternatives, including a small pavilion, a few seats, and a handful of picnic tables, among other options. The Ramsay Inclusive Playground is not only the ideal location for taking a load off and appreciating the great outdoors, but it also provides a breathtaking panorama of the city skyline of Calgary.

The park is situated just to the south of the Elbow River Pathway, which is a pedestrian pathway that offers a breathtaking panorama of the city. In addition, the East Village Playground, a tiny park with a few swing sets, slides, and other pieces of playground equipment, is located in close proximity to the park.

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Edworthy Park

Playgrounds may be found scattered around Edworthy Park in Calgary, which is situated on the riverside of the Bow River's south bank. Thomas Edworthy, a man who arrived in the Calgary area in the year 1883 from Devon, England, inspired the naming of this place.

The Wildwood neighborhood forms the park's western boundary. It is a vast park with a variety of picnic places & inclusive playground equipment to choose from. In addition to that, it features a playground and two gazebos. Additionally, an off-leash dog park may be found right next to the park.

In point of fact, this park is well regarded in Calgary as being among the top locations for outdoor picnic get-togethers. Additionally, it features a number of fire pits and washrooms that are only open seasonally.

Camp Bonaventure

Camp Bonaventure is a summer day camp for children with disabilities that was started by the non-profit group Between Friends. Camp Bonaventure is located in the great outdoors. Children and adolescents have the option to take part in a variety of activities throughout their time at the camp. Some of these activities include fishing, swimming, sailing, canoeing, gardening, and artistic efforts.

Since its opening in roughly 25 years ago, Camp Bonaventure has been providing services to disabled children. Children as young as four and as old as seventeen can participate in the outdoor day camp. The campsite may be found on the lower section of the Bonaventure River, which is well-known for the abundance of salmon runs. Additionally, the camp provides care services both before and after camp hours. The camp has played host to tens of thousands of children over the course of its existence.

Additionally, the program works in collaboration with a variety of summer community day camps in Calgary. This year, participants can choose to attend the Creatures from the Bow and Elbow Rivers camp on three separate occasions. The kids who attend the camp will, among other things, learn about the local flora and animals.

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