east side playground

The playground on the East Side has a variety of one-of-a-kind elements that children can play on and investigate. A area of the childrens indoor playground that is designed for smaller children includes a farm with stacked crates and vines, as well as a low platform with a double slide and a bar for hanging upside down. Another entertaining component is a silhouette of a farmer working in his barn, which inspires children to engage in imaginative play. In addition, the playground features towering leaf arches that shower children with water from numerous directions. There's even an apple on the ground that spits forth water in the opposite direction!

Safari Playground

The traditional playground, which had been constructed in 1936 under the direction of Parks Commissioner Robert Moses, has been redesigned and reconstructed by the Conservancy. The original hippos were the result of collaborative efforts between the Conservancy and the sculptor Bob Cassilly. The original hippos were given to the City Museum of St. Louis last summer after the Conservancy completed its 3D scans of the sculptures over the previous summer.

The playground has been redesigned with a fresh layout and brand-new play structures that are ADA-compliant. The renovation of the area took the Conservancy close to a year to complete. If the weather cooperates, the childrens playground equipment for sale should reopen this week. The redesigned play area will have refinished surfaces, a new layout, and an entrance that is accessible to those with disabilities. The Conservancy also made the playground more accessible for children who use wheelchairs and improved the way it is integrated into the park.

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