Why are unpowered children's amusement facilities developing rapidly
28February 2023 / View: 41

With the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous development of the tourism market, unpowered children's amusement facilities  have become a new type of entertainment project, which integrates with various development environments such as education, villages, scenic spots, vacations, and IP. . Why in recent years, as a new leisure and entertainment project, "no power" has developed so fast?

1. Cover children of all ages

Originally designed for children, non-powered rides  have developed into a comprehensive entertainment program for all ages in recent years. The types have also expanded from simple inflatable castles, trampolines, climbing, slides, etc. to more types, and can be specially planned and produced for different themes. Outdoor play facilities can not only meet the needs of young people, but also can be felt by visitors of all ages, thus breaking the traditional model of "children are playing and parents are waiting next to them".


2. The formation of the theme is guaranteed by the whole chain of services

In the case of theming, increasing customer demand and even "harshness", unpowered children's amusement facilities pay more and more attention to the shaping of the theme. Compared with conventional amusement facilities, game machines usually contain multiple game items and elements, so the workload, design details and difficulty of design will increase.

Aiming at the openness and unique geographical environment of outdoor unpowered children's amusement facilities, traditional unpowered amusement items such as intangible cultural heritage, national cultural totems, national solar terms, and national IP are used to make a comprehensive elaboration.

From the perspective of development trends, higher requirements are put forward for the shaping of the full-chain service capabilities of non-powered children's amusement equipment suppliers. It is necessary to be able to provide customers with products and reasonable design solutions, but also to be able to connect all links, so as to satisfy customers and tourists.


3. Integrate the trend of new travel formats

The development of unpowered children's amusement facilities will expand the amusement facilities from playgrounds to wider entertainment venues. Even in commercial operations, it is possible to realize the promotion of unpowered amusement facilities. With the improvement of large-scale entertainment facilities, amusement facilities will also usher in new opportunities.

With the advent of the Internet + era, China's industrial information and European and American information have become more symmetrical, and advanced production technology, design and development concepts, and industrial safety regulations have been introduced one after another. So far, China's market has undergone tremendous changes, from quantity to quality, to product diversification, to qualitative changes.

Under the influence of the epidemic, with the development of the tourism industry, unpowered children's amusement facilities around communities, cities, and surrounding scenic spots will become more and more popular and participated by people. In the development of cultural tourism industry, the introduction of non-powered amusement facilities will provide new opportunities for urban commercial development.

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