What to look for when installing a large outdoor combination slide
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Do children's play equipment personnel know that children's play equipment has a special installation master responsible for, we are doing children's play equipment, installation master often go out to install children's naughty castle, are professional personnel installation, in terms of installation must be strict installation process, installation of solid in order to better let the children play.


Large slide belongs to the large rotomolding processing products

Then large slide factory in the manufacture of products will be in strict accordance with the process requirements to complete, so that the later installation and commissioning can be better protection. In order to make its stability better, completely from a more reasonable point of view, only then can enjoy the best protection.

In order to ensure the safety of the use of large slides

We must follow the process in the installation of large slides, otherwise its safety is difficult to obtain protection. Different types of large slides need to have better standards of workmanship, and more attention should be paid to the selection of materials, which are the best means to ensure the safety of use.


Children's combination slide installation requires large expansion screws, the slide is fixed, each corner should be fixed, can not be too lazy to get because of the need to fix more places, this is the performance of irreverence, but also will bring a certain degree of danger to the child.

Not only is the children's combination slide installation, and children's naughty castle installation is also the same, children's naughty castle installation than children's combination slide installation more tedious. Children's naughty castle project is more, are small and large combined to constitute a child play place, such a framework, more attention to the installation, only installed, children can be happy to play, children's naughty castle park play time to be more long-term.

Overall, the choice of slide manufacturers should be better grasp from the reasonableness, and it can ultimately bring better benefits, so you can enjoy the service will also be more prominent. As a kind of amusement facility product, we have strict requirements in its processing technology and installation process, only then the safety is guaranteed.

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