What are the stainless steel slides that attract children
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Stainless steel slides

It can be customized for non-standard quality, according to the site and customer needs to design the stainless steel slide shape and size, stainless steel slide can be made into: rotating slide, smooth, tube slide, semi-cylinder slide, semi-transparent slide, etc., can also change the shape of more kinds of slides.

Stainless steel slide typesare spiral S slide, straight slide, curved ladder, tube slide, semi-tube slide, straight slide, cross twist-like circling and other various styles, in addition to these can also be made with the help of other accessories, such as covering the transparent cover, changing colorful lights, gorgeous, a variety of exquisite design, stainless steel slide in addition to the visual beauty of the enjoyment, but also bring a different fun experience.


In the pursuit of innovation and differentiation today, stainless steel slides of various shapes not only meet the design inspiration, but also through a variety of different shapes of stainless steel slides to show whimsy. Also warmly sought after by children and parents, stainless steel slides are an indispensable choice in amusement facilities. Stainless steel slide various styles of slides are: half barrel, full barrel, translucent, flat, etc. When the height is greater than 3 meters, it is recommended to use the full barrel, the safety factor is higher, so that the child can play more safely.


Weather-resistant stainless steel slide made of stainless steel, the use of welding technology and heat treatment technology to create. In use, compared to the general material, stainless steel is more resistant to the environment, smooth, clean performance is more advantageous. Stainless steel slide style, shape and length can be tailored according to customer requirements, to adapt to a variety of venues, installation, commissioning is a highlight of it.

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