What are the differences between wooden slides and plastic slides
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Kindergarten children like to play slide games, manufacturers in order to meet the needs of children, go all out to develop a variety of slides, whether from the shape to material, slides continue to innovate, dazzling. Kindergarten to buy children's slides, wooden and plastic what are the comparisons?


Wooden slides make people feel safer and environmentally friendly, because wood is a natural material, natural texture, beautiful, feel good, and easy to process, easy to color, the important thing is safe, non-toxic, no harm to children's bodies. For plastic slides, many people will worry about plastic slides belong to chemical products, will contain certain toxic substances, in fact, the regular plastic slide manufacturers are using food-grade color plastic LLDPE (non-toxic and harmless) materials, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly.



Because the main structural material of the wooden slide is wood, the overall style gives a more exquisite feeling, more exotic style, unique shape is attractive to many children, such as pirate ship type, castle type, etc., thus creating a great attraction to children. Plastic slides in terms of customer demand is also the whole process around the project personality custom design, novel shape, bright colors, a variety of styles. Such as the shape of various small animals, jungle plant shape, the shape of the pirate ship and so on. According to the customer scene and the preferences of the child also designed a variety of shapes.


3、Structure, process

In fact, in terms of structure, wooden slides and plastic slides are similar in construction. Wooden slides are built with wood as the main structure, plastic products as auxiliary parts, or with an all-wooden structure. The product is mainly composed of plastic parts, columns, platforms, sliding plates, fasteners and so on. Plastic slide, mainly composed of plastic parts, platform, column, steel pipe fittings, hardware fittings and joints, etc. In technology, plastic combination slide products iron parts by anti-rust oil removal after spraying powder, using high-temperature electromagnetic baking paint process, anti-rust performance is particularly strong.

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