This kind of kindergarten interior design makes children fall in love with school!
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Kindergarten, as a place for early childhood education, has develoniped from being extremely simple in the past to being meticulous today. With the continuous change of people's consumption concept, it is also constantly following the concept, and the overall teachers and environment are constantly changing. .


The core concept of  Kindergarten interior design  is to center everything on children, design from the perspective of children rather than adults, and give children a good learning environment and an excellent playing environment. Only under such a core concept can we design an excellent environment that is conducive to the growth of the next generation of flowers in the motherland. 

So what should we pay attention to in the interior design of kindergartens?


Kindergarten is a place where children often come and go and learn to play for a long time. When there are a large number of teachers, teachers cannot do everything. It is a big hidden danger to safety. Safety is often the top priority in the decoration design of kindergartens, and it is fundamentally solved. Most of the safety hazards, such as corners and corners of kindergartens, use smooth pads to reduce the risk of collisions when children are playing.


Safety is guaranteed, and the environment cannot be left behind. Although it is an important way to judge the strength of educational teachers, in the current environment, parents no longer simply choose schools based on the strength of teachers, but rather the choice of school is based on the overall environment of the school and the strength of teachers, so the environment of the school must be in line with the cognition of children on the premise of ensuring safety.



The color tone of kindergarten interior design is also a major focus. According to scientific research, color can affect a person's mood, and staying in a color environment for a long time will have a greater impact on emotions. Among the colors, red often represents enthusiasm but also irritability, white represents purity but also has the coldness of the first snow, the influence of color becomes larger with time, so warm colors are often used in the interior design of kindergartens. The color tone can make children feel enough warmth and tenderness.

Kindergarten interior design  is often very important to the use of color. Children often express more reactions than adults to some bright colors, such as purple, sky blue, yellow, and green. Colors in kindergartens can indeed arouse children's interest in things. explore. But also pay attention to matching to make the overall environment harmonious and natural, instead of highlighting the color and losing interest in the environment. Avoiding too bright colors is very helpful for the healthy growth of children.

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