How to identify the good and bad when purchasing kindergarten furniture
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kindergarten furniture is the supporting facilities in the kindergarten

Kindergarten furniture common are children's desks and chairs, toy cabinets, mouth cup holders, nap beds, bookshelves, towel racks and so on ...... Children learn at the kindergarten desks and chairs, nap on the nap bed, put clothes and shoes in the locker, take interesting picture books from the bookshelf, put the toys they are not playing with back in the toy cabinet and so on, almost every moment they are dealing with kindergarten furniture. Kindergarten furniture not only greatly facilitate the learning life of children, new and interesting kindergarten furniture can even play a magical role in enhancing children's interest in school.

However, because the kindergarten furniture market management is not yet perfect, the kindergarten furniture market is mixed, good and bad, mixed with some bad kindergarten furniture manufacturers, resulting in poor quality kindergarten furniture market fluke in the individual kindergarten. Their existence is a serious threat to the health and safety of children. So, how should kindergartens in the acquisition of kindergarten furniture to identify the good and bad kindergarten furniture?


A. Whether the raw materials used are safe and environmentally friendly

Kindergarten furniture according to the raw materials used are mainly divided into two kinds of wooden and plastic. However, the same wood, there are high-quality solid wood and poor quality synthetic board; the same plastic, there are environmentally friendly plastic materials and poor quality plastic.

Those with poor quality synthetic panels and poor quality plastic as raw materials for kindergarten furniture is not only short life, and they will emit a variety of harmful substances, is very detrimental to the health of children. Children's body resistance is lower than that of adults. Therefore, kindergartens in the purchase of children's furniture must be strict in its use of materials, choose high-quality solid wood or environmentally friendly plastic to create the kindergarten furniture.

Second, the surface coating is environmentally friendly

In order to take care of the children's skin, but also in the aesthetic considerations, wooden kindergarten furniture surface will be sprayed with paint. The surface of Clorox wooden kindergarten furniture sprayed with environmentally friendly children's water-based paint, will not harm the health of children. However, there is no shortage of bad manufacturers, in order to reduce costs and use poor quality paint, which makes the kindergarten furniture will not only give off an unpleasant smell, and even threaten the health of the children. Therefore, kindergartens in the purchase of kindergarten furniture, be sure to check the surface of the kindergarten furniture paint whether there is an odor, do not be greedy for cheap and buy poor quality products.


Third, whether solid and solid

In recent years, children have been killed by the collapse of furniture news. Children are more lively and active group, driven by curiosity, or in the usual playful play, they will push the furniture. If the kindergarten furniture is not strong and solid enough, it is easy to collapse accidents, resulting in injuries to children. Therefore, kindergartens in the purchase of kindergarten furniture, on the one hand, to check whether the furniture parts are solid and solid, on the other hand, you can try to push it, easy to collapse the best not to buy.


Fourth, the details of workmanship is exquisite

The subtleties of the true chapter, this is the immutable truth. A good piece of clothing, in addition to the material is more high-quality, it's good also reflected in the meticulous stitching, smooth zipper and well-designed pockets and other details. Similarly, a quality kindergarten furniture, it is more stringent in addition to the choice of raw materials, it is also more meticulous and meticulous in the details of processing. Anti-bump corner rounding treatment, anti-slip moisture-proof pad, fine surface grinding and polishing treatment, anti-pinching cushion hinges, etc., these are the necessary details of quality kindergarten furniture.


Five, whether the height of the children's habits of use

Kindergarten furniture is built for children, it is different from ordinary furniture. Qualified kindergarten furniture must be fully taken into account the height of the child and the use of habits. In the case of  kindergarten tables and chairs, the height of the tables and chairs are strict requirements, only the right height, the children can maintain the correct sitting posture. If the table is too high, the stool is too short, the children will write up homework will be particularly difficult, not conducive to the cultivation of children's correct sitting posture. Other kindergarten furniture is also true.

For kindergartens, teaching and educating people is a vocation, and taking care of children's health and safety is equally important. The health and safety of children is directly related to the reputation and sustainable development of kindergartens. Therefore, kindergartens in the purchase of kindergarten furniture, must be strict quality control, the purchase of high-quality environmentally friendly kindergarten furniture, to provide children with a comfortable, safe and healthy learning and living environment.

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