How does the community choose children's amusement facilities and manufacturers
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Children's entertainment centers in public places are far away from home, which will bring inconvenience to children's play, so children spend much more time in the community than in dedicated children's parks or theme parks. In the community, children need a suitable leisure area for their physical and mental exercise and development. In the children's community space, children can fully experience nature, communicate, enjoy games, and stimulate creativity. Children's play facilities  are right at the door, which solves the problem of inconvenient roads. At the same time, community entertainment can take care of children, which solves the needs of parents who need to take care of children for a short time due to inconvenience or going out.

How does the community choose children's amusement facilities?

Today, Feiyou, a manufacturer of children's amusement equipment, is here to introduce suitable non-powered amusement equipment to children in the community, and help them develop the ability to recognize and control nature during the game.

1. Bunker

If the beach is too far from home, a small sand pool can also satisfy children's longing for the beach to a certain extent. However, it should be noted that when designing the product, don't forget to add a ceiling to prevent children from being sunburned.

2. Archimedes Water Conservancy Series

A series of water conservancy systems were developed and designed according to Archimedes' principles. The product is mainly for children to learn the physical principles in the game process, explore the characteristics of water flow in the game process, and how to control the water flow.


3. swing

Scrapped skateboards and tires make great swing sets. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they're also fun and malleable.

4. Micro terrain

The micro-topography project mainly starts from the perspective of primitive ecology. The terrain is undulating and the slopes are very undulating. The whole site is close to nature and pursues the original beauty, so that children can get close to nature and feel nature while playing.

5. Zipline

This is a kind of expansion game, as long as there is a height difference, it can be realized, which is both exciting and cool. It should be noted that the ground of the sliding rope should be soft sand and mud as much as possible to prevent children from falling.


6. Landscape children's slide

The landscape children's slide is a relatively new type of amusement equipment, which cannot meet the installation requirements in some irregular places. In order to break through this limitation, landscape slides are designed with animals and characters as the main body, and theme children's playgrounds are built in parks, amusement parks, holiday wines and other places. It has entertainment functions and can also be considered as landscape modeling. A landscape slideshow with all sorts of weird ideas is presented. It not only satisfies children's entertainment and play, but also integrates with the entire garden environment.

How to choose a manufacturer of children's amusement facilities?

1) Determine the source manufacturer. Children's play equipment is a very large project, and after-sales problems cannot be avoided. Therefore, we need to find the source manufacturer. The price and after-sales are relatively guaranteed.

2) Quality. It is suggested that we conduct a field investigation to see if there is a design, what the production site is like, and how to deal with the details of the product.

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