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Because of its own unique nature, the role of non-powered amusement facilities in various fields of children's parks, theme parks, scenic spots and commercial real estate has gradually increased. In recent years, driven by the rapid development of the cultural tourism industry, a large number of non-powered amusement facilities began to be born and appear in people's eyes. Children's combination slides can not only be customized in color and size, but also freely choose different shapes and materials. We often see various types of slides in different parks, so what types of children's combination slides are there? The following fly friend to introduce to you.


(1) Terms and definitions

Non-powered equipment:  non-powered play equipment  simply means without any power device such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, by climbing, sliding, drilling cylinder, walking ladder, swing and other functional components and structures, fasteners and connecting parts of the amusement facilities.

No power class amusement equipment children combination slide: by the channel, station, slide and other functional components and its support, protection, connecting parts composed of sliding, climbing or ascent and other amusement functions for children's entertainment slide.

(2) slide classification

01、The slide of children's combination slide is divided into flat opening type, tube tube type, pipe type and combination type according to the shape.

02、Children's combination slide is divided into linear, curved, spiral and combination type according to the sliding track.

03、Children's combination slide is divided into smooth slide, wave slide and other type slide according to the shape of slide surface.

04、Kids' combination slide is divided into stainless steel slide, plastic slide, wooden slide, glass fiber reinforced plastic slide and so on according to the material.

05、The children's combination slide is divided into indoor slide, outdoor slide and water slide according to the place of use.

06、Children's combination slide according to the structure and shape is divided into building-type combination slide,  rock-climbing combination slide.


(3) slide model preparation method

Children's combination slide model preparation of the relevant code should comply with the provisions of GB/T20049, the content of the model preparation should include slide height, slide shape, slide track, slide surface shape, etc.

Non-powered children's combination slide can meet the needs of different children's growth and children's play experience, etc., while non-powered children's combination slide is also one of the common outdoor large toys.

The appearance and function of the non-powered children's combination slide design has a lot of flexibility, it is a collection of play, puzzle, fitness as one of the amusement equipment, can be combined with the current popular elements, according to different age groups and audience surface design the corresponding appearance and function, so that people who want to play will play, play fancy, play to the fullest.

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