With children's hearts, build children's dreams-humanized space design of children's non-powered play equipment
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The design of non-powered play equipment should advocate humanization, looking at the world from a child's perspective, children are the center and scale of the design, which includes the physiological scale, more including the psychological scale.

The satisfaction of children's psychological scale can be achieved through humanized design. In the park, children should be made to feel a strong sense of belonging and security, and through detailed design, help to improve and perfect the shaping of children's personality, thus playing a positive role in promoting the entire growth process of children.

During the normal use of the play equipment, the child should be protected from harm from the product side, even if the wrong operation is carried out unconsciously, the harm can be reduced to a minimum, thus ensuring safety performance. The child lacks a mature self-protection mechanism, therefore, in the choice of materials for the equipment, you can choose wooden materials, both environmentally friendly and beautiful, but also to provide children with safe touch conditions.

Secondly, security also refers to the all-round care for the child's spiritual world, for example, in the overall planning of the park, IP image creation and design, should bear the brunt of the choice of affinity cartoon image, pull into the sense of distance with the child, and play a certain degree of emotional soothing effect.

Humanized design should meet the emotional needs of children. For children, children are born emotionally rich, they like to approach the fun products full of life. Therefore, some colorful, exaggerated, cartoonish children's products, more likely to attract the attention of children, can make them get spiritual pleasure, to meet their psychological needs.

Fun is the hard truth of development. In the park design process, to fully take into account the needs of children's characteristics, targeted personalized design, simple equipment accumulation without novelty, unchanging amusement facilities are easy to make visitors tired, therefore, cultural soft power is the key to enhance the playability of the park.

The current trend is to learn more, innovate more, think more, explore innovative strategies for personalized design, and develop more playable forms of amusement.

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