Outdoor children playground equipment ︱ children's dream of outdoor non-powered playground
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In recent years, non-powered play equipment is widely used in theme parks, scenic spots, commercial properties and other fields, becoming a new trendsetter in outdoor play. Why is the outdoor non-powered playground so popular? What is its unique charm compared to the traditional mechanical amusement facilities? Let's learn more about it with me!

With the change of China's demographic characteristics, coupled with the liberalization of the two-child policy party, the in-volume is becoming more and more serious, children spend a lot of time in school, extracurricular interest classes, slowly losing time in outdoor activities, the value of interaction with nature need not be said - walking, running, climbing, jumping, or just being in nature, it can make People's physical and mental pleasure incomparable relaxation, so the family parent-child tour demand is increasingly strong. The non-powered children's amusement equipment is precisely the core of the children to drive parents and children to interact with the game, which advocates a return to nature, release the nature of children, including personal interactive play, these factors are the key to attract families around the tour, long-distance tour.

Non-powered amusement facilities can be flexibly and freely combined to adapt to different scales, different environments, different types of projects, and can be highly integrated with the local cultural environment and natural landscape, facilitating the renewal of products and the increase of business models.

The interactivity of non-powered amusement equipment is reflected in the elaborate design and scientific collocation of its products, which can be experienced and felt by one person alone, or multiple people can compete and play together, emphasizing interpersonal collaboration and interaction, which also coincides with the psychology of children who need playmates to accompany them and are eager to make friends.

As one of the elements of outdoor non-powered amusement facilities, the creation of the IP story theme makes it possible to present a variety of strange shapes and a strong sense of creativity. In addition to giving an intuitive visual experience, it is also easy to bring children deep inside into the situation set by the regulations, it can also convey different moods and emotions, allowing children to give full play to their imagination, thus greatly enhancing the amusement experience

With its unique artistic power, color plays an important role in the design of amusement equipment, injecting fresh and varied modeling elements into the outdoor powerless park

It is also because it is non-powered, so it is better than other amusement equipment in terms of safety and maintainability. All non-powered amusement panels can be used within the protective ground (such as sand, injection molded rubber, rubber mats, etc.) to reduce the probability of injury from falling from the facility. The amusement project has low thrill and higher safety factor. And no power amusement equipment maintenance costs are low, do not need annual state inspection, so the late maintenance and operating costs are low, for the investor-operator to save heart, save energy.

The pursuit of a city, a playground personality characteristics, is the goal of our amusement equipment manufacturers.

In a sense, playgrounds should not only be the appearance of leisure life, but also become the spokesman for social interaction and physical development needs.

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