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kindergarten Outdoor playground customization

We follow our children

Children follow nature

Let the seedlings of life under the guidance of love

Explore to the fullest

and grow strong

Design concept

The kindergarten is located in Ya'an, Sichuan Province, a place of great beauty and spirituality. From the early stage of the visit, the director emphasized that the culture of the kindergarten should be rooted in the local area, so we combed through the "Sanya culture" of Ya'an, implanted the concept of early childhood education into the outdoor layout planning, and practiced the "rooted, loving, and powerful" education of Wo Yu Miao Kindergarten through various outdoor classrooms. "education.

Space layout

The outdoor activity area covers an area of about 3,500m2, with large slides, woodworking room, pottery room, happy farm, sand and water area, playground and independent activity area. The childhood of young children is a period of vigorous growth of life, and a natural ecological and vibrant land provides an environment for young children to flourish.

Effect show

Top view of the slide

Our slide is cleverly connected to the platform through the climbing net, so that children can fully exercise their climbing ability and improve their limb coordination in the usual outdoor games.

Outdoor realistic photo

Each class will have their own little organic farm, where the children can water the plants and watch them grow carefully.

Happy Farm (planting area on the right)

Woodworking room

Pottery Room

Contacting and making clay from a young age can guide and encourage children to create beautiful forms and things, inspire their creativity and fun, cultivate their ability to think creatively, and enhance their aesthetic ability and artistic qualities.

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