Feiyou outdoor children's playground Play the main theme of sunshine life
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There is always a light

Will shine into life

Let every life grow fast

Become an adult who lights up the world

"First acquaintance" Giaozhou

Location diagram

Qingdao Jiaozhou China Resources City project is located at the intersection of Taizhou Road and Luzhou Road, with convenient transportation. Jiaozhou is an important node of the "Maritime Silk Road" with rich natural resources, cultural heritage and relaxed living atmosphere.

This site is located in the middle of Jiaozhou CR City community. The ground is paved in different colors and the distinctive pattern brings a different visual interest.

We take sunshine, youthfulness and vitality as the design direction, and uphold the purpose of devoting to the happy growth of children in the world, to create children's outdoor playgrounds.

The lemon yellow single-level platform as the main facility contrasts with the sky-blue space, just like the golden sunlight passing through the gap of the clouds and sprinkling on the brown grass, adding vitality to the whole space.

We sorted out the relationship between the site and the community, and created a new landmark in the first phase of Jiaozhou CR City A from the spirit of the place, practical needs and ecological balance.

"Sunshine" Tree House

Main body design

Highly saturated yellow, which children like, is chosen

The pattern is made into a childish tree branch shape

The ring-shaped main structure contains a variety of play facilities inside, and the grid in the middle allows children to play paths in one go, with high and low climbing paths underneath, greatly utilizing the building space.

We use the height difference between the site and the single-level platform to hang the rope to increase the playability and fun of the amusement facilities. The upper end of the rope is made of steel pipe to reduce friction. When the children play, the stretching rope will make a jingling sound.

Through the rotating ramp is an interesting extra-long slide, with holes on both sides of the fence vaguely forming the shape of a tree branch. The railings are spaced according to safety standards to prevent children from accidents.

In the middle of the facility is a platform with a hollowed-out top, and children will surely be attracted by the maze spinner here.

Starting from the details to enhance the sense of fun, so that the slides, climbing nets and aisles within the platform all echo each other with the whole in a natural and harmonious way.

"Multi-module" facility space

Children's landscape facilities space is divided into multiple modules, slide slope, swing, Trampoline, rocking car, fitness equipment, etc. Various kinds of rocking cars and sound transmitters add a lot of fun for children to play inside.

The ground material is made of soft EPDM plastic mats, which forms a good play protection for the children playing.

Slide slope set climbing points, climbing ropes and drill holes, the height and slope have been strictly measured, not steep and with adventure fun.

The flat trampoline set up in the middle of the site is not abrupt, not stumbling, and the safety distance is reserved so that the children can walk up and move around.

Sounding board    

A low slope, a sound box and a short slide are set up next to it, making it more suitable for younger children to play and build an ideal camp for them.

The floor and height of the swing are relatively low, and the safety is greatly improved for younger children. Children can nestle throughout on the grid chair and swing slightly.

Low-age children's area

The rockers and carousels in the younger children's area are located near the rest area and fitness equipment for parents to keep an eye on them.

Adult fitness area

Parents can also take care of their own exercise while accompanying their children.

We have planned resting areas and washstands around the area, where the elderly can sit in the sun and chatter with their peers.

Our design sends more than just the completion of a highly popular children's playground, but more importantly tries to integrate the words space, architecture, landscape, and beauty together across fields, breaking the boundaries of each other and achieving the ultimate goal of mutual achievement.

The sunshine lawn satisfies the needs of later marketing activities, and the pocket park revitalizes the neighborhood of the surrounding community, the three complement each other.

Production and Installation /Installation

Project information

Project Name: Qingdao Jiaocheng Huarun City Phase I A

Series type: Cultural tourism property

Land area: 615m2

Design team: Feiyou Ecosystem Enterprises - Suzhou Rhythm Amusement Equipment Co.

Construction unit: Feiyu Ecosystem Enterprises--Suzhou Rhythm Amusement Equipment Co.

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