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| Leshan JingYan Kindergarten |

Kindergarten outdoor customization

Nature as a companion, happy growth

Let every life blossom happily

With modern artistic beauty

Expression of a different childhood

JingYan County is located in the southwestern part of the Sichuan basin, where citrus is produced in abundance and is a national geographical indication for agricultural products. We combine local culture to create a citrus paradise exclusive to JingYan.

Campus Profile

JingYan County Organized Kindergarten Chengbei Campus covers an area of 9.26 acres, with a building area of 5,000 square meters, and can provide 360 places, making it a high-quality modern, digital campus.


Every landscape and every corner touched by the eyes of young children should be childlike and beautiful.

In the project design, the large toy area, sand and water area, micro-terrain area, traffic and movement area, reading area and other areas are planned comprehensively to provide space for children's physical activities.

The reasonable layout planning responds to the child-friendly characteristics, so that the children's childhood is full of fun and beauty while also receiving the most natural and effective education.

Major Facilities

Designed in the form of corridors, highlighting the theme, with citrus as the main design element, enriching the landscape level of the park and creating a lively interactive play space.

The sand and water area is a bridge for children to explore nature. In the process of playing sand and water games, children continue to enrich their knowledge and experience by discovering problems and solving them.

▲Sand and Water Area

The Playful Hill

▲Micro-terrain area

The flexible combination of high and low slopes, stainless steel drill holes hidden in the slope, and balance wooden bridges stimulates the adventurous and exploratory nature of children of all ages, allowing them to freely travel through various play spaces.

This "playground" stimulates children's imagination, allowing them to learn and grow through play and communication, and to understand the world in a multidimensional way.

▲Outdoor Reading Area

▲Drawing play area, traffic movement area

We planned the range of activities of drawing and transportation together, and the interesting traffic sports area simulates traffic scenes with a variety of traffic props, linking them with real life, enhancing their sensory experience and promoting children's physical and intellectual development.

Production process

Project information

Project name: Leshan Jingye Kindergarten

Series type: Kindergarten outdoor customization

Design team: Zhejiang Feiyou Preschool Equipment Research Institute

Customized production: Zhejiang Feiyou Recreation and Sports Equipment Co.

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