Feiyou outdoor children's play equipment NEWSIR's walk through space
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When children look up at the stars

Will one day

They can also explore the unknown planet

The journey of a teenager

should be the starry sea

The project covers an area of about 1200 square meters, with activity areas planned for different age groups, so that children can follow the main character NEWSIR and walk through the mysterious vastness of space.

In the design of this activity site, we took "exploring the universe" as the design theme and chose starry blue as the main color of the ground space, with bright yellow stars as accents to create a simple, bright and warm children's theme activity place.

The center of the site is designed with a theme planet equipment, children crawl, walk, jump, drill and other actions on the "planet", not only to experience the fun of the space planet, but also to exercise their physical fitness.

The theme planet symbolizes the earth where human beings live, and the blue color represents water, air and other resources. The concept of protecting the environment and conserving resources is the concept of this design, advocating everyone to love our home, and also in line with the brand concept of New Hope Real Estate "exquisite products, green life".

NEWSIR の Exploration Strategy


Travel around the planet

This is the entrance to the Starry Night Dreamland, a small, undulating hill that looks like a planet around the Earth, and crossing them is like entering a whole new world.


Rainbow Bridge

Everyone yearns for a gorgeous rainbow in the sky after the rain, and now it is within our reach, and children can climb up this rainbow bridge and play on it.

The story-painted wall next to the rainbow bridge cleverly separates the playground from the surrounding buildings. The arched rainbow bridge is in the shape of a climbing slope, and the slope of the slope is set greater than 45° according to the shape, while a 5% drainage slope is set. The design of the side slope of the buffer area provides space for young children to exercise climbing.


The time tunnel

Through the time tunnel and around the black hole of the universe, you will come to the happy planet of the children.

The vast universe has a variety of cosmic elements, rockets, flying saucers ...... blue and white paths are compared to interstellar rivers in space, extending space in the form of interlacing, leading the little "astronauts" to the depths of the universe.

This area is one of the most active areas, in addition to the swings, there are warp and turntable, greatly expand the children's activities track.

Can you imagine? There will also be pumpkin wagons in the universe, and this is also a children's dreamland for children.

Spinning is the energy bar that ignites the little rockets to launch, they are ready to launch and look up to the sky.


Dream space ball

Reflected in the eye is our theme planet equipment, the overall outline presents a rhythmic planet form, constituting a clear game boundary, a place worthy of brave exploration by children.

The way the central orb is structured has been changed to make the structure more stable. The material is made of perforated board, which has good light transmission and durability. The whole ball is divided into six equal parts and modularly made, and the size can be cut by the whole plate.

→ NEWSIR is waiting for you!

The black hole of the universe formed by the climbing net attracts the children to the secret base.

The fun of "Planet" is also reflected in many details, the shuttle inside the sphere is like entering the adventure island, the slide, climbing, explore the hole and many other ways to play so that children enjoy it, this is a combination of structure and inclusion, the children's spirit of exploration mobilized to the extreme.

Looking up, the dome of the grid looks like a sky decorated with stars.

The small base on the lower level is secluded and quiet, with a climbing net that extends outward to climb up to the "planet" and collect the courage to take risks.


The music of the universe

/The music

A small star is arranged in the sky in an orderly manner, like notes on a pentagram. newsir brings children an auditory feast in space with musical instruments and sound transmitters, enlightening their young minds with happy notes.

" Exquisite Products Green Life "

As a demonstration project of New Hope, striving to set a new benchmark for New Hope Real Estate in Suzhou area, the partners of Suzhou Rhythm Design Team, a Feiyu Ecosystem Enterprise, fully considered the IP image of New Hope and took the concept of protecting the environment and saving resources as the concept of this design, advocating everyone to love our home.

The main traffic flow is laid out around the theme equipment, with enough space not to hinder the surrounding game equipment. The safety scale in the scheme is set according to the European standard specification, with a safety range of more than 1500 between different facilities, and the height and slope are also within the safety range.

According to the experience of the saturated flow of people in the playground, the total length of about 30 meters of seats are set up, while distributed in each functional partition.

Installation process /Setup script

Project information/Project information

Project name: Suzhou Jinlin Yunjing Project (New Hope Real Estate)

Series type: Cultural tourism park

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