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Kindergarten Outdoor Customization

The sun rises

It's the dawn over the hill

It's God's children shouting for joy

The sun shines on

On the golden slides

The children's faces are framed

Design Concept

Photo from the public website of Furong Kindergarten

The kindergarten is located in Yingshan, Sichuan province, which has been established as a provincial model county with beautiful environment and a provincial garden city. We used geometric shapes to design the outdoor slides, in the hope that they would help to develop the children's artistic aesthetic and mathematical thinking skills.

Outdoor Play Area

The designers have incorporated geometric elements throughout the outdoor play area to suit the architectural style of the nursery. Geometric awareness develops the children's spatial thinking skills and their ability to identify shapes. Spatial awareness, spatial imagination and number sense need to be built up in the child's mind through long-term observation.

The entire slide is made up of three-dimensional geometric shapes such as squares, cylinders and rectangles, allowing children to enjoy the fascination of geometry as they climb and play.

Outdoor Live Photos

Using geometric objects to help children develop geometric concepts at nursery level is a key to building a foundation in geometry and is the first step in building geometric thinking. The children are able to understand the concept of 'volume' through touch and observation.

Photo from Hibiscus Kindergarten public website

The key to art learning is to create the conditions and opportunities to develop children's sense of beauty in nature and social creation, to enrich their imagination and creativity, and to guide them to create beauty in their own way.

Production process

Above is from Zhejiang Feiyou Kangti Facilities Co., Ltd, Feiyou was established in 1993, the playground products export to more than 60 countries and areas, we provide the outdoor playground drawing, playground products and educational products to more than 50000 kindergartens and communities all around the world. We’re professional on the providing the playground equipment facilities to the customers and the kids wooden furniture solution to the kindergarten all around the world, we’re aimed to build the paradise area for the kids all around the world.

Feiyou produce the outdoor playground equipment, kids wooden furniture and the educational products, we can help to build the overall drawing, the outdoor playground drawing for the kindergarten, the non-standard customize products for the community and outdoor park. Feiyou owned an excellent designer team and the new product developing team, they can provide the complete solution on the drawing of outdoor playground, indoor playground, gym equipment park and kindergarten furniture

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