What should be noted in the design of kindergarten outdoor play area
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Play is the most basic activity in kindergarten education, and the state attaches great importance to it, mentioning the principle of "play as the basic activity" more than 10 times in documents such as "Some Opinions on the Current Development of Preschool Education" and "Guidelines for Learning and Development of Children Aged 3-6". In the documents issued by the State Council on educational reform and strategic evaluation, it is also mentioned that the criteria for evaluating the teaching level of kindergarten teachers is to see if they can adhere to "play as the basic activity".

Image from the design example of Feiyou

Five key points of activity design

In terms of game types, outdoor games are generally divided into two categories, rule-based games and creative games; from a functional point of view, outdoor games can be divided into five categories, such as sports, performance, construction, art and craft, and exploration.

01.Emphasis on openness 

We emphasize that the play environment should be freely open to all children, so that all children can enjoy the outdoor environmental resources together.

02.Full autonomy 

Autonomy is emphasizing that children are in the front and teachers are in the back. In outdoor play, instead of teachers leading children to play, children should lead teachers to play, so that the autonomy of children's play can be fully developed.

he picture is from the design case of Feiyou

03.Close to nature exploratory 

Teachers must give children the space to explore independently. By guiding them to explore the life phenomena of many kinds of plants and animals, they can get close to nature and explore nature, which is the greatest feature of outdoor activities.

04.Interaction with peers 

When people are faced with common tasks and goals, the only way to move toward cooperation is to achieve cooperation and tacit understanding in the midst of action.

05.Challenging adventurousness 

It is well known that the outdoors is an open space with unlimited space volume, which is conducive to cultivating children's spirit of daring to try and challenge.

Only by doing these five things can the unique advantages and value of outdoor activities be highlighted.

Image originated from Feiyou design case

Five principles of park environment design

Low structure, multi-functional, dynamic, personalized, pro-nature

The first major principle of environmental design is to learn by doing, not by seeing. Only low-structure, multi-functional, and dynamically changing environment creation has real value for the development of young children. If a device is fixed and immobile and has high aesthetic value, but the children cannot operate it, cannot use their own creativity, and cannot satisfy their own ideas, it is just a good-looking decoration. Nowadays, many kindergartens are pursuing good-looking, fine, exquisite and aesthetic, but these are too far away from children's lives. Children can only see, not practice, which does not really give play to the children's independent initiative.

Image from Feiyou design case

Kindergarten environment design must be personalized. Each kindergarten outdoor space actual condition, space size is different, therefore, we have to take local materials, according to local conditions, so that the kindergarten environment is rich in unique personality, blind learning copy is not desirable.

In the teacher's guidance strategy, we emphasize observation as the main focus, learn to appreciate, children in the front, teachers in the back, intuitive and timely.

Games can be formed into programs, but the programs are not predetermined, but recorded afterwards. Therefore, the game is not a curriculum resource that can be predetermined, but a generative curriculum resource. Only by seizing the game, we can further reflect the value of curriculum creation.

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