What are the advantages of the new stainless steel slide?
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Why are many high-end amusement parks are equipped with stainless steel slides? Compared with the ordinary slide, what are the advantages of the new stainless steel slide? After reading this article, flying friends to take you to learn more about stainless steel slide knowledge.

Currently, most of the slides on the market are made of plastic, rotomolding and mold production. However, mass production leads to fixed slide size and shape, which cannot meet the installation requirements of certain irregular sites. Stainless steel rides are not subject to this limitation, and it is a relatively new kind of play equipment. So, what advantages does stainless steel slide have?


Advantage one: environmentally friendly and durable materials 

Stainless steel slide is a relatively new amusement equipment in recent years, stainless steel slide generally uses 304 stainless steel, 304L stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel and other commonly used steel plates as raw materials. Compared with the materials of ordinary slides, it is more environmentally friendly. These stainless steel materials have good corrosion resistance, smooth and easy to clean, stable performance, high hardness, wear resistance, high and low temperature resistance, recyclable and will not cause pollution to the environment, in line with national requirements.


Advantage two: unique and novel design

In appearance, compared with the traditional rotomolding and molded production of plastic slides, stainless steel slides have the advantage of plasticity. Can be customized for the theme of the park in a variety of unique shapes to meet the installation requirements of some irregular places. Novel shape, bright colors, varied style, can better meet the designer's whimsical fantasy to create more novel and interesting new slides, such as pirate ship model, castle model, etc. The overall style is exquisite and attractive to children.

Advantage three: mature process

In terms of structure, the composition of stainless steel slides is similar to that of plastic slides. The stainless steel slide is mainly made of argon arc welding and heat treatment process. Since the slide is mainly used for children, the requirements for its forming surface are high. After welding, careful grinding and polishing should be carried out to remove surface burrs and welding marks, so that the stainless steel slide surface looks smoother and safer.

In terms of application, we tend to divide stainless steel slides into indoor stainless steel slides and outdoor stainless steel slides. Stainless steel slide is not limited by the height and length, from 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters and 20 meters, it can hover from the top floor of a six-story building to the bottom floor. There are also a variety of shapes, such as spiral S slide, straight slide, curved slide, tube slide, half-tube slide, straight slide, cross twist slide, etc. It can also be covered with a transparent cover, changing colorful lights, which is overwhelming. A variety of exquisite design, coupled with the ingenuity of the designer, but also give children a different feeling and fun.

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