What are the advantages of outdoor non-powered playground equipment
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What are the advantages of outdoor non-powered play equipment As our quality of life improves, children's education and growth pursuits are also improving, once upon a time children played with a single ordinary slide, swing project, but now play more projects, customized outdoor play equipment is gradually becoming the trend. This equipment has also developed in more scenic spots, camps, communities and schools, which is outdoor non-powered play equipment.

A. What is powerless equipment

For the understanding of outdoor non-powered play equipment is not rely on the role of non-natural external forces and have the play characteristics of the play products, its characteristics are a high safety factor, long life cycle, high interactivity. For example, the outdoor combination of large children's slides is a non-powered play equipment, according to the characteristics of the site to customize the appearance and function.

Second, no power low maintenance costs

The eye mechanical power type of play equipment, its purchase cost and operating costs are relatively high, generally applicable to the city center of the large playground, and for some farms, scenic spots, parks and other such places where the flow of people does not reach particularly high, mechanical power can provide fewer services. However, non-powered amusement equipment is different, no need for post-maintenance, you only need to ensure the safe use of equipment.

The second age-appropriate stage is more comprehensive

Outdoor powerless play equipment can meet the needs of different stages of play, whether it is fitness, leisure, play can be met at the same time. Children and adults can play in this park, swings, mazes, climbing nets, etc., play a variety of ways. At the same time, the parent-child play experience is better, you can create a different play interactive experience.

Four, high safety factor

The high safety coefficient of non-powered play equipment is mainly reflected in the absence of electricity and the use of other mechanical forces, which can ensure player safety to a certain extent. At the same time, the design of non-powered outdoor play equipment is also in compliance with the growing experience of children, for example, climbing equipment, the height can not exceed 6 meters, because the age of small children is not suitable.

The unpowered playground gathers a variety of collective amusement projects to stimulate communication and provide an optimistic and lively childhood life while the children play together. The development of the non-powered play industry has become a future trend and is a necessary project to accompany the growth of children.

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