The future direction of non-powered children playground equipment
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The continuous development of the amusement equipment industry has also flushed out a number of new types of non-powered equipment. Non-powered amusement equipment is also leading the development of the amusement equipment industry.

What is non-powered amusement equipment? The non-powered amusement equipment simply refers to the amusement facilities without any power devices such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, consisting of functional parts such as climbing, sliding, drilling cylinders, walking ladders, swings and other structures, fasteners and connecting parts.

What is the future development mode of non-powered play equipment?

A. The perfect combination of non-powered play equipment and parent-child park

With the liberalization of the two-child policy, the number of children is constantly increasing. The demand for parent-child parks is increasing. Every family attaches great importance to the development of children in many aspects, hoping that the child is learning to figure out the way forward. In the play to let the brain to get development. The non-powered play equipment can stimulate the inner independence and creativity of the child to some extent. Parent-child park children and parents can accompany each other, promote parent-child relationship, parents are very happy to participate in it.

Second, the combination of non-powered amusement equipment and scenic spots

The combination of scenic development and non-powered amusement equipment greatly reduces the damage to the natural landscape of the scenic area. The introduction of non-powered amusement equipment in the scenic area can create a network of scenic spots, not only brought the flow of visitors also brought economic benefits.

Three, the combination of non-powered amusement equipment and rural construction

As a new trend in cultural tourism projects, the combination of countryside construction and non-powered amusement equipment can promote the development of the countryside economy. The combination of non-powered amusement equipment and the countryside can not only ensure the original ecology of the countryside, but can also inject life into the countryside construction. With the help of net play equipment to create a countryside B&B, the most beautiful countryside.

The development of these three modes of unpowered amusement equipment are the three mainstays of future development. The product price of non-powered play equipment is low, low maintenance costs, and can be applied to any environment using a wide range. The non-powered amusement equipment can be diversified and innovative in shape, and the style is novel. Therefore, the future development prospects of the powerless in the amusement equipment industry is very objective, while greatly driving the development of the amusement equipment industry.

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