The children's playground hidden in the kindergarten decorates the children's wonderful childhood time
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Montessori proposed that children aged 0-6 years old will have specific preferences during a specific period, and we need to provide a prepared learning and growing environment for children.

Fei You play equipment embodies the concept of "education and fun", unique play method, unique shape, to kindergarten teaching needs as the starting point, exercise children's multiple abilities.

Stereoscopic design, sand and water play linkage

- Play sand + play water, can be independent and linked to create a unique and novel sand and water park

- Innovation in sand and water area types, functions and environment creation, changing the traditional kindergarten sand and water area single and solidified

- Provide a natural, free and independent sand and water play space for children

- Use ecological wood as the main material, environmental protection, beautiful, and provide a safe touch environment for children

- Design inspired by natural phenomena and physical science principles

- Focus on children's hand and eye coordination skills while allowing children to play and accumulate life experience

Wooden house slide to enhance the fun of play

- Provide playfulness and some hands-on thinking games

- Wooden climbing equipment encourages children to exercise

- Mysterious wooden house space constructs children's own world

Creative slides are uniquely shaped and fully functional

- Through play, children can meet the curiosity, competitive, brave to explore the creative thinking

- Exercise children's climbing, climbing, balance, coordination and creation of comprehensive ability

Physical expansion equipment, a variety of shapes

- Diversified product shape, steel pipe net rope plastic combination of materials, both safe and interesting

- Set jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling, shaking and other multi-functional as one

As an important educational resource, the environment has a huge impact on children, although it is implicit.

Kindergartens must help children learn and grow in a truly beautiful environment in a meaningful and authentic way, so that children's nature is stimulated and their bodies and minds are surrounded by happiness.

Above is from Zhejiang Feiyou Kangti Facilities Co., Ltd, Feiyou was established in 1993, the playground products export to more than 60 countries and areas, we provide the outdoor playground drawing, playground products and educational products to more than 50000 kindergartens and communities all around the world. We’re professional on the providing the playground equipment facilities to the customers and the kids wooden furniture solution to the kindergarten all around the world, we’re aimed to build the paradise area for the kids all around the world.

Feiyou produce the outdoor playground equipment, kids wooden furniture and the educational products, we can help to build the overall drawing, the outdoor playground drawing for the kindergarten, the non-standard customize products for the community and outdoor park. Feiyou owned an excellent designer team and the new product developing team, they can provide the complete solution on the drawing of outdoor playground, indoor playground, gym equipment park and kindergarten furniture

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