Several elements that need attention in children's amusement park equipment
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The development momentum of children's amusement parks is still rapid, and children's experience consumption will further increase. However, as the homogeneity of amusement parks is becoming more and more serious, attention to every detail of the park has naturally become an important weight to win the favor of parents.

For the newly opened playground venues, what basic elements should be paid attention to when making children's amusement park equipment? In the selection of parent-child playgrounds, there are mainly the following four aspects:

Security Question

1. The use of large amusement park equipment. Amusement equipment should be inspected, repaired and maintained regularly, and an executable schedule should be formulated according to the personnel structure and technical support conditions of different venues. For example, check once every three days and register once a week. Is the machine equipment damaged? At the same time, children's playgrounds are not suitable for purchasing amusement equipment with large fluctuations and high risk factors.

2. Children lack safety awareness during play. In the process of play experience, parents need guidance, and children need guidance. In this regard, the park can arrange personnel to conduct simple equipment play training for parents and explain the precautions. For children, it is necessary for the staff to remind parents to take care and guide them, to line up in batches during play, first out and then in, and first down and then up.

3. The peak passenger flow, the staff have no time to take care of. There is often a shortage of staff in the venue, which magnifies the potential safety hazards. When there is a surplus of staff when it is free, under the existing personnel conditions of the venue, the park should implement rules and regulations, standardize management, streamline the play process, and flexibly employ people. The rules should be reasonably customized, warm reminders should be eye-catching, and work assignments should be done well. More importantly, venues should fully consider whether it fits the actual situation of the venue and whether it can solve the problem of holiday bottlenecks when purchasing a management system.

fun question

The park should not blindly follow the crowd when purchasing large-scale amusement park equipment. Different regions and different groups naturally have different preferences. Before purchasing equipment, you should do a good job of market research in the surrounding radiation circle, including the consumption positioning of the venue, the portrait model of tourists, etc., and some common equipment purchases, such as older children who prefer group activities and interaction, etc., prefer mobile phones on equipment. What can be touched, water, sand, ball, car, etc.

other factors

Based on the differences and complexities of the regions, positioning, environments, and business district structures of different parks, each park operator should fully understand the characteristics of their own parks, understand their own advantages and disadvantages, and make their parks more competitive. . Although children's amusement parks have not been established in China for a long time, and they are also in the process of exploring management and operation, but the prevention and proper handling of some of the most basic details and problems can ensure the safe and stable operation of the park.

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