Naughty Castle 2023 outlook analysis
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In another month and a half is about to enter the year 2023, 2022 the impact of the epidemic believe that for the naughty castle industry, there are still a lot of impact. Because of the restriction of flow sealing control and other reasons, large and small supermarkets, playgrounds have been affected, but the good news is that the national epidemic has been in constant control to reduce, but also because the children have been in the online learning, reduce the reason for the activities, emotions also need to be vented, so after the epidemic is expected to further increase the consumer power, the market for naughty castle is about to usher in a new opportunity.

As of now, according to the 2022 children's play industry consumption report, the national consumption rate of about 44 billion yuan, compared to the previous year fell by 10 percentage points, but it is important to note that even under the epidemic, the rate of revenue generation is still not low, which shows that the trend of the children's industry is still very smooth. We can envision 2023, the rate of consumption is likely to be multiplied, on the one hand, as the rate of child birth increases, on the other hand, the recession is bound to usher in a wave of consumption of high.

For the prospects of the naughty fort, Siming think is still the future is promising, the past 10 years of market growth, return on investment are a positive ratio, especially in second and third-tier cities, the trend is not down but up, a huge base of children, stable growth and innovation, laid a solid foundation for the naughty fort clientele. In addition, the current Naughty Fort project is still a blue ocean of capital, low investment amount of operational difficulties, high returns can also serve the children, to support the children's entertainment market is absolutely no problem.

Many investors have also been working closely to prepare for the 2023 dividend period, because they know how lucrative the return on a small piece of cake, and once the formation of the brand to occupy market share, the future market structure will be dominated by the pioneers. The next national development will be the overall goal of the child's healthy and comprehensive development, set the full range of education and entertainment development. The naughty fortress also precisely this demand, so that the children again in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the overall development of moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic.

2023 is an outbreak of the point, all walks of life must be revived back on track, whether it is government support or site relief and other measures, the naughty fort industry will bear the brunt of the greatest support, so it is expected that 2023 will certainly be better than the situation this year. As a lasting project, whether from the future of the market or its own efficient rate of return, are the mainstream direction of future development, 2023, we continue to cheer!

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