Large amusement equipment to buy which aspects to pay attention to
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Open a children's amusement park, each large and medium-sized children's play equipment is essential, how to go about selecting equipment is also a special study, because the quality of children's play equipment is good or bad, the value of high or low, whether or not to meet the contemporary children's aesthetics and other reasons will directly affect the profitability of the children's park later as well as popularity. Especially large amusement equipment, the price will be more expensive than other amusement equipment, so you must pay attention to the quality. Otherwise, if problems arise later, not only will there be expensive maintenance costs, but also irreparable effects on the personal safety of children. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing children's large amusement equipment?

First, the manufacturer's qualifications

Children's play equipment manufacturers do not have a business license, no relevant production qualifications, no corresponding certificates, you buy equipment products at home, and then you buy large amusement equipment is equivalent to no equipment ID card, quality issues are not guaranteed at all. We can look at the manufacturer has no business license, but also to see if there is a seal of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, whether there has been an annual inspection, whether it meets the green environmental standards.

Second, the quality

Large-scale amusement equipment as the core of the children's amusement park, the quality must pass, ask if the quality and safety is not guaranteed, how will parents feel comfortable to bring their children to play in the children's playground. Moreover, once the quality of large amusement equipment in the process of operation, it will affect the normal operation of the amusement park, serious major safety accidents, the reputation of the children's amusement park has an indelible impact. Quality control aspects must be passed.

Third, after-sales service

Children's amusement equipment does not late maintenance and maintenance, so in the selection of large amusement equipment, not only to look at the production qualifications of equipment manufacturers and the quality of amusement equipment, but also pay attention to the equipment manufacturers after-sales service in the end pass whether.

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