How to combine cultural tourism and outdoor children's playground facilities
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With the rapid development of cultural tourism industry, powerless amusement facilities have gradually become a buzzword in the industry. Under such a hot wave, a large number of non-powered amusement facilities began to appear and widely used in theme parks, attractions, commercial properties and other fields.

As the name suggests, a non-powered amusement ride is the opposite of a powered one - it does not require electricity or any energy to drive it. I see its advantages as follows:

First and foremost, it is energy efficient. In addition to the cost of labor and other costs, I believe most of it is energy; in contrast, unpowered activities such as climbing nets, slides, and swings require only the drive of the participants' personal energy.

The second is the difference between active and passive entertainment. Whether it is a flying wheel car or carousel, people are passively placed on the equipment, there is no choice of how to move; while non-powered facilities such as swings, slides, there are many ways to play, different ages, different moods, different times of the day, children can create a variety of ways to play, play the process will also be more people interact. Active and passive entertainment will lead to different frequency of use, a non-powered activity place, you can play every day, from morning to evening; on the contrary, large playgrounds a few times a year should be considered high frequency (of course, there are also factors such as large sites, small number, difficult to reach), after all, extreme stimulation should not be frequent nor should it be everyday life.

In recent years, with the introduction of advanced production technology, design and development concepts, including industry safety standards, the domestic non-powered amusement facilities have also moved from quantity to quality, product diversification and quality differentiation. At the same time, in the context of the rapid development of China's cultural tourism industry, the role of non-powered amusement rides in various fields such as theme parks, attractions, business and real estate has gradually increased due to the characteristics of the rides themselves. According to the analysis of the industry, non-powered amusement facilities should be combined with the cultural tourism industry, and the following points should be noted:

1.With children as the core, the effect of attracting traffic is obvious.

Along with China's 4 + 2 + 1 family model, coupled with the liberalization of the two-child policy, the demand for family parent-child travel is very strong, and the non-powered children's playground is the core of the children to drive parents and children to interact with the game, it advocates close to nature, respect for the nature of children, including parent-child interactive entertainment, these factors are the key to attract families around the tour, long-distance travel.

2. Cost-effective, can adapt to different sizes and types of projects.

Because of its very wide range of applications, compared with the power special amusement equipment that can easily be tens of millions or hundreds of millions, the investment is relatively small. Later post-maintenance and operating costs are very low.

In addition, it also has the important function of flexible combination, adapt to different scale and different environment of the project, easy to update the product and business growth. Ordinary non-powered amusement park is basically a five-year warranty, and does not require annual state inspection, so that the late maintenance and operating costs have its low reason. Immersive entertainment experience, the general entertainment time is longer.

Unlike the roller coaster, carousel and other experience process that requires repeated queuing, the non-powered amusement park are unity mode, while the built-in industry is rich, which allows children and parents to stay longer, and also increases the possibility of secondary consumption, three times consumption, and improves the stickiness of customers to the product.

High integration of scene design and environment Usually many cultural tourism projects have high requirements for the natural environment, and the damage to the natural environment from the planning of powerless amusement facilities is also very small, which can be highly integrated with the local cultural environment and natural landscape.

The thematic nature of non-powered amusement facilities has been under-appreciated in the industry, and can actually be implanted with IP, tell good stories, integrate with local culture, and combine with thematic packaging to create its highlights and features.

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