How to choose the right non-powered playground equipment
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In recent years, as power play equipment has become the new favorite of domestic families, more and more knowledgeable people have begun to pay attention to the power play equipment industry. So how do you choose a non-powered play equipment?

One: the appearance of non-powered play equipment: compared with adults, children have a lot of curiosity and love for colorful play equipment. Therefore, when choosing amusement equipment, it is easy to attract children's attention when choosing amusement equipment with bright colors and beautiful appearance.

Second: playability of non-powered play equipment: children's natural intimacy, equipped with colorful play equipment. When children turn this intimacy into a motivation to play, measure the amount of time children continue to play on such play equipment. Determine the playability of the equipment.

Three: non-powered play equipment materials: children's play equipment materials are generally plastic, wood, stainless steel, fiberglass, etc.. When choosing play equipment, it is good to choose materials with long service life and high safety.

Four: the qualification of the manufacturer of non-powered play equipment. The safety and qualification of children's equipment is very important. Investors need to check whether the company is qualified or judge the strength of the factory by past project cases of amusement equipment manufacturers.

Outdoor sports and unpowered powered play equipment were first popular in Europe and the United States. As the quality of life and the pursuit of health are getting higher, the lifestyle and entertainment are gradually changing! In recent years, driven by the rapid development of China's tourism industry, the role of unthemed amusement facilities in various fields such as theme parks, scenic spots, business and real estate is gradually increasing. In such a heat wave, many unpowered amusement rides have started to appear and come to the forefront.

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