How to choose kindergarten outdoor slides
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When it comes to the popular outdoor play facilities in kindergartens, I'm sure the large combination slide must occupy one of them. Because the combination of slides can meet the rich diversity of play, but also can increase the child's social communication skills. Since these characteristics can be combined, so the large combination slide has become an indispensable choice of equipment in this era. For children, this is their ideal play equipment that can bring them rich fun in many ways. In order to create a better environment for children to grow up, there are also some aspects to pay attention to when choosing equipment. In particular, the following three points are directly related to the level of your choice and the results.

1、Choose high-quality materials

At present, the market kindergarten large combination slide is mainly made of wood, plastic and stainless steel. However, the combination slide made of plastic and wood materials will be affected by strong external factors, resulting in a short service life. Therefore, the combination slide made of stainless steel has more advantages than the traditional plastic material, stainless steel can ensure the weather resistance and longer service life of the slide.

2、Choose the theme design

Kindergarten focus on training children's thinking to expand, so as an indispensable kindergarten game project large combination slide, must have a good sense of design. In general, the appearance design of the large combination slide can be used to determine whether it can meet the play standards of children climbing and the length of the slide. Secondly, we should pay attention to the novel design. If you just blindly use the traditional combination slide form, it will inevitably lead to children's game fatigue. According to the nature of the theme can design a creative and novel large combination slide, for example, SpongeBob SquarePants theme slide, Doraemon theme slide and so on. 

3, focus on color contrast

In the color selection, kindergarten outdoor play facilities need bright color visual sense. Children at their age are more sensitive to color recognition, and bright colors can give children a better mood of pleasure. Because large combination slides cover a large area, children can be more active through the color of large combination slides, and colorful slides can also make children have the desire to play.

In fact, we should also conduct a systematic survey of manufacturers of large combination slides for kindergartens. Since large combination slides are usually customized products, the production process is relatively demanding. In order to reduce the unnecessary financial risks when kindergartens buy large combination slides and reduce the safety risks during normal use, it is recommended to choose a manufacturer of combination slides with certain market brand influence for professional customization.

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