How to choose kindergarten furniture
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kindergarten furniture is the most basic supporting facilities in the kindergarten, a perfect supporting kindergarten class probably consists of: kindergarten tables, kindergarten chairs, kindergarten beds, kindergarten shoe cabinets, electric cabinets (finishing cabinets, field cabinets, Montessori cabinets, partition cabinets), kindergarten toy cabinets, kindergarten bookcases, kindergarten wardrobe, teachers storage cabinets, etc.

In addition kindergarten furniture in terms of scale and ease of operation, to get careful consideration. At the same time, kindergarten furniture must also take into account the requirements of safety, stability, environmental protection, easy to clean.

Material: solid wood or panel or non-wood

Solid wood: solid wood furniture natural color, maintaining the natural color of wood, texture clear and beautiful; simple and generous shape, full and smooth lines, as good plus texture; elasticity and breathability, good thermal conductivity and simple maintenance. Currently on the market is more popular without carved pine furniture.

Panel: panel furniture with its rich and varied colors, free and flexible space combination, simple and stylish shape, free and unrestrained lines, bright and fresh colors, full of fashion passion. Any combination of functions between different products, fully meet the needs of modern people's pursuit of individual taste and healthy home life.

Color: original wood color or color

Original wood color: The surface coating of the original wood color furniture products is treated with matte nitrocellulose paint, which maintains the clear and natural texture of the wood itself and smooth lines. The bright and fresh atmosphere of nature permeates. In the color combination, the original color of the wood is maintained, highlighting the modern atmosphere of the furniture. Make both beauty and function, practical and decent, more to create a relaxed kindergarten.

Color: Children's imagination is rich, a variety of different colors can stimulate children's visual nerve, and a thousand different patterns, can meet the children's imagination of the whole world, these can be said to be an important indispensable auxiliary factors for children's growth. In addition to attracting children's attention, bright colors can also stimulate children's visual development, improve children's creativity and train children's acuity for color.

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Feiyou produce the outdoor playground equipment, kids wooden furniture and the educational products, we can help to build the overall drawing, the outdoor playground drawing for the kindergarten, the non-standard customize products for the community and outdoor park. Feiyou owned an excellent designer team and the new product developing team, they can provide the complete solution on the drawing of outdoor playground, indoor playground, gym equipment park and kindergarten furniture. 

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