How should non-powered kids playground facilities be pre-planned
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With the increasing concern for children's mental and physical health, it has become a popular trend to set up non-powered amusement facilities in different places. Many kindergartens, squares, scenic spots and shopping areas need such facilities to add vitality to the surrounding and attract customers. Reasonable pre-planning should be done when placing amusement facilities so as to provide momentum for later development, which can be considered from the following aspects

Facilitate parental supervision

It is necessary to provide appropriate supervision for the unpowered park, however, the use of surveillance cameras or security personnel will significantly increase the cost of management, but also not conducive to children to relax and play. In order to avoid this situation, the beginning of the park design should be considered to facilitate the form of parental supervision, through the parents and children's self-monitoring can significantly reduce the park's management and safety supervision efficiency, reducing the cost of safety maintenance.

Simple and generous design

In the design of non-powered play facilities, to use bright and bright colors and generous external image to attract customers, if the color is too dark is unable to produce visual impact on children and residents in the distance, will reduce the flow of play. If the relevant exercise facilities are designed to be too difficult or not in line with the physical development of children, it will also lead to the situation that the equipment is not asked for, so to achieve the unity of fun and physical exercise, to avoid excessive intensity.

Reasonable arrangement of equipment

Some service providers tend to line up as many amusement facilities as possible in a limited space to make it look rich and diverse, however, this way also needs to be controlled by a certain amount, too much equipment layout will look too messy and lack of corresponding safety distance. The gap between the rides is not only visually more beautiful and neat, but also ensures safety when playing.

When building powerless rides also pay attention to the use of safe paints, ropes, steel and other materials to avoid toxic gas or steel paint fractures due to prolonged use.

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