Follow the child's perspective and understand the world of children's hearts
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Sommer, a Swedish researcher on children's education, has pointed out that children also have their own perspective on discovering and perceiving the world, the "child's perspective.

With a child's perspective as the entry point, the kindergarten environment should be both enjoyable and a place where children can grow. With a child's perspective as the entry point, a kindergarten can promote self-expression and awareness of the world, and as a result, a kindergarten will have a soul.

Keyword 01: Nature

Kindergartens should assume the function of letting children get close to nature, and the green color of spring should become the key word of kindergarten design, so that the natural vitality wraps the play environment, thus catering to the psychological needs of children.

The use of eco-wood, an environmentally friendly material, provides safe touch conditions, preserves the natural wilderness and allows children to exercise their minds and improve their creative abilities in a moringa environment.

Keyword 02: Challenge

The development of children's thinking influences the development of movement, therefore, the environment of kindergarten should be created in a challenging and adventurous way. Using climbing time and time again to stimulate children's instincts, so that children can grow in real games and real learning.

Keyword 03: color

Children have a muddy and profound emotion for color, therefore, in kindergartens, colorful and interesting color matching is especially important, the appeal of color, silently draws the environment closer to the children.

Through brightly colored play equipment and equipment with rich imagery, the child becomes an active learner.

FeiYou always focuses on children's perspective, understands children's childish innocence, helps children grow and learn in a beautiful environment, and gives importance to children's spiritual world, so that they can get a warm and healing happy childhood.

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