Cognitive development of young children through outdoor play environments
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In early childhood education, using games, by creating situations can mobilize children's emotions, develop children's cognition, cultivate children's social adaptability, show children's experiences and talents in a playful way, meet children's psychological needs, and promote children's healthy physical and mental development.

 The Guidance Outline for Early Childhood Education (for Trial Implementation) proposes that "actively carrying out outdoor physical activities is conducive to the growth and development and physical health of young children and the formation of their lively and cheerful personalities."

By creating an outdoor education environment, we increase children's exercise, improve their physical fitness and ability to cooperate and communicate with others, and develop their emotional sociality.

Characteristics of children's outdoor play activity practice

1.Open field

Unlike the indoor closed environment, the outdoor sports area of the park is used to open outdoor games for children, which gives children more space for activities. The carefully created hill, expansion games and training bases form a realistic "military base".

 Children can choose to climb, crawl, drill, jump, crawl, push, carry and other games in the game, expanding the freedom of children in choosing the game.

2.Rich play and teaching materials

In the outdoor area, there are many materials that children can choose from.

 In the outdoor play environment, children can choose from plum piles, slides, monopods, climbing, sandbags, tires and other play and teaching materials to increase children's interest in activities and solve the problem of shortage of materials indoors.

3.Frequent interactions

Through the design of various forms of play environments, children can expand their objects of interaction, increase the interaction between children and improve their sense of cooperation in the activities.

4.Fully show the young children

As children's verbal skills are weak, teachers who want to fully understand children's growth status and realize their original well-thought-out teaching plans or adjust them in time need to get first-hand teaching resources through observation to provide a realistic basis for teaching adjustments.

Through outdoor play activities, children fully display their body movements and mental activities in the game. Through observation, teachers learn about children's interests in this process and accurately grasp their growth in advance.

Each child differs in physical ability, and different educational methods are used for children with different abilities to master their abilities and learn creatively at the same time, so that children can learn more through play.

 Through the development of outdoor games for children, it helps to cultivate the spirit of bravery and perseverance, and the fine qualities of resourcefulness and flexibility, modesty and prudence, and calmness. In the future, we should also make up for the shortcomings in the activities, so that the outdoor activities for children can be more colorful and promote the positive and healthy growth of children.

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