Feiyou whole garden customization Wenzhou Fifteenth Kindergarten
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| Wenzhou Fifteenth Kindergarten |

Kindergarten whole garden customization

Green vines

Greening the age of innocence

On the field of hope

Children chase and run

Embracing with nature

 Design concept

/Design concept/

The park is located in the western part of Wenzhou, a beautiful town with a history of 100 years. In order to consider the overall situation of the park, we gave full play to the surrounding natural resources to create an "ecological, biocentric and living" environment inside and outside the park, so that the children can "get close to nature and return to nature" as the first step to upgrade the park to create excellence.

Outdoor Photos - Shang-Shou Campus  

/Outdoor Photos/

Environment is the best teacher and the most natural education. By following the rules of physical and mental development of children and creating an environment close to children's lives, we are able to bring the educational influence of the environment into full play.

The park is equipped with two outdoor playgrounds, a sand area and a pond, and is equipped with the Feiyu Sand and Water Kingdom series of games, allowing children to immerse themselves in the charm of the natural world.

Outdoor Photos - Fujikyo Park  

/Outdoor Photos/

In order to highlight the ecological characteristics of "close to nature", we made reasonable use of the 20-year-old trees in the park to build an aerial tree house, a swinging bridge and a ladder to create an outdoor physical forging workshop.

Micro-terrain area

The slide, pavilion, and ladder

Tree house in the sky

The design of the wooden house platform is perfectly integrated with the old trees in the park site, and also in line with the design concept of letting children get close to nature.

Swinging Bridge

The design of the tree house is in line with the design concept of letting children get close to nature.

The children grow freely like vines in the fertile natural soil of the kindergarten.

Interior Photos  

/Indoor Photos/

All the decorations and storage cabinets in the garden are at the appropriate height for young children, and the educational immersion of children designing, conversing and organizing the environment is realized from the perspective of children squatting down.

Let a strong body, upward mood, curious desire for inquiry, bold and individualized artistic creativity, and complete and coherent expression take root in each child.

Project Name: Wenzhou 15th Kindergarten

Series Type: Overall design Whole garden customization

Design team: Zhejiang Feiyou Preschool Education Equipment Research Institute

Customized production: Zhejiang Feiyou Recreation and Sports Equipment Co.

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