Feiyou Kindergarten Furniture Want to play hide-and-seek with the little monsters
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FeiYou kindergarten furniture | Want to come and play hide and seek with the little monsters?

| Little Monster Series |

Lively, spirited, naive

Every child has a little monster in their heart, they are mischievous, they are cute and witty ...... We integrate the elements of the little monsters into the design of the furniture, the choice of yellow, green and blue color scheme, to create the little monsters in the hearts of children's world.

Effect show

Classroom space layout

Area: 160m2

For different themed classrooms, three color schemes can be freely matched, making the classroom into an overflowing dream world.

Little Monsters - Welcome Area

When children walk into this classroom, the welcoming sound of the Little Monsters, the sound of frolicking and even the sound of breathing can bring a different kind of happy experience to the children.

Little Monsters - Modeling Bookshelf

Adding a pair of little monster eyes to the multifunctional bookcase, it seems to give life to the bookcase as it quietly nestles next to it.

The front can be placed books, brushes, plants and other items, the back is a small drawing board for children to create, a cabinet multi-purpose.

The bookcase can be matched with different colors according to the classroom theme style, there are yellow, green and blue colors to choose from.

Little Monster - Locker

The white and hollowed out jagged shapes on the cabinet are like the teeth of a small monster, and they act as handles to open the cabinet.

Series Name | Little Monster

Series Type | Kindergarten Indoor Furniture

Design Team | Zhejiang Feiyou Preschool Education Research Institute

Material | Rubber wood

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