Feiyou Friends Outdoor Playground Ten areas of planting area, feeding area
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Feiyou whole garden customization divides the kindergarten into ten regions for planning. The children's activity area environment has playful characteristics, and children's learning and activities in the area are often carried out in the form of independent games. The different zone environments and their activity materials help children gain a sense of interest, autonomy, success and other play experiences.

# Planting area of ten zones

Planting area

The planting area is a microcosm of nature. It not only serves to green the kindergarten, beautify the environment and fill the kindergarten with life, but also is a window for children to learn about nature.

Planting activities cultivate children's interest in natural things and phenomena, as well as their ability to investigate problems and develop their feelings of closeness to nature.

The flower box attracts children to actively observe plants, thus stimulating their desire to explore the mysteries of nature.

# Ten areas of the breeding area

Breeding area

Breeding area is the beginning of children's feeling and understanding of life. As an activity to feel, understand and care for life, breeding small animals is in line with children's nature and is an important way for children to gain experience with related animals.

By participating in feeding activities, children can truly feel the developmental changes of animals, the existence of animal life, and the direct relationship between their behavior and animal life, so that they can truly feel life, understand life, and cherish life.

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