Fei You Outdoor Playground Case-An appointment between nature and childhood
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With the blue sky as the base

With birds and bees as companions

In the wheat field of the city

Catching a bunch of wind with my hand

It is the whole childhood

This project is located in the center of Wenzhou City, divided into two areas in the north and south, covering a total area of about 1200 square meters, adjacent to Wenzhou Century Park.

In order to make full use of the advantages of the surrounding landscape, we designed a children's park with the theme of the natural world. Let the children talk with the paradise space and constitute another dimensional art community. Let people and paradise, light and color, elements and stories merge together in the project. A story of life with artistic childhood will slowly unfold.

North - Birdsong

Model rendering ﹥ Actual effect

The northern part of the site is close to the shore and has a superior geographic environment. The whole site takes sky blue as the main color, and the large area of blue plastic contrasts with the bird shape of the main equipment outlined in yellow and white, creating a youthful and energetic play space.

Set children's adventure function as one, with a unique and storytelling appearance, contains a variety of children's projects such as rock climbing points, ropes, slides, climbing nets and rotating stairs.

The climbing place and the short slope of the slide do safety isolation, safety and fun combination. Children can climb up the slope into the hole, but also from the "bird's nest" on the slide "shoo" slide down, to fly freely again.

▲Lighting effect

The children not only exercise their physical coordination and have an adventurous spirit during the experience, but also promote the ability to collaborate and communicate with each other.

Overlooking the platform on the right is a smiley face pattern, symbolizing the innocent smiles of the children.

The middle revolving staircase and down, there is a long aisle with tiny swings. Children sit on the grid swing and imagine themselves roaming in the sky on a warm day, exploring, adventuring and sensing.

The whole site is square and standardized in construction. A green rest area is set aside on the left side to integrate with the whole landscape, with square elements and standardized construction, reflecting the beauty of geometry.

The slide is an essential item in the park, and the slide here goes down from the platform with a rotating buffer steepness and a smooth and spacious interior, so children can slide down on the slide and enjoy the pleasure of flying.

Children can see different new colors by rotating the color overlap, and the three primary colors turning rod makes the combination of art inspiration and hands-on fun.

Children can also three-dimensional small squares to drill holes back and forth.

South - Honey Childhood

Model rendering ﹥ Actual effect

The main structure of the south part is a honeycomb platform. From the overhead view, the pattern of the ground and the shape of the facilities are hexagonal in design, complementing the bee elements to form a three-dimensional hexagonal art.

The beautifully shaped and vivid image of the amusement facilities serve as the finishing touch to the site, injecting fresh blood into the children's playground.

The pillars around the perimeter are each surrounded by a small bee with a rounded and naive form. The small platform with staggered heights can be shuttled back and forth. The rotating staircase in the middle goes up from the bottom to enter the interior of the "beehive".

Inside the upper platform

There is a microphone connected to the bottom

The site is distributed with some facilities for children in the lower age area, bee patterned rocking car, honeycomb climbing small platform, hexagonal flat bottom Trampoline, all aspects of the reserved safety distance, children can play with confidence and boldness.

In terms of design, the park is creatively connected to the community through and through, and matching varieties of greenery are selected to create a staggered arrangement of scenery, presenting a multi-layered visual aesthetic experience.

Installation process

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