Bai Jieren: from manufacturing to creation, the preschool education equipment sector makes "Feiyou" take off
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Deeply cultivate the preschool education equipment industry

#Create a precedent for the application of rotational molding technology in China's toy industry

Feiyou fitness equipment Co., Ltd., located in Lucheng Light Industry Park, Tengqiao Town, was founded in 1993. After nearly 30 years of development, it has gradually become a national high-tech enterprise with five manufacturing bases in Wenzhou, Hangzhou and Suzhou and more than 200 technical patents.


However, when this leading enterprise of preschool education equipment in China started 30 years ago, it did not know how rotational molding was made. Chairman Bai Jieren recalled that in the 1990s, information was underdeveloped, there was no reference, and relevant industries were still blank in China. At that time, they read many books and, together with several core members of the company, finally made seesaw, rocking horse and other products that now look ordinary. At that time, even the production equipment had to be designed by themselves.

It is also this initiative that has created a precedent for the application of rotational molding technology in China's toy industry, and China's preschool education equipment manufacturing has thus entered a new stage of historical development.


Chairman Bai Jieren was interviewed by Wenzhou TV station

If 93 to 97 is a stage, then 2003 is another leap. With the continuous improvement and increase of technology and production capacity, since 2003, Feiyou products have boldly expanded to outdoor large-scale equipment.

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Product Gamification · game curriculum

#From products to overall solutions

Since then, Feiyou has also begun to develop from a simple manufacturing enterprise to a deeper field. In addition to paying attention to the environmental protection and other quality of products, the positioning of products is also clearer. This increasingly refined craftsman's heart has always promoted the development of Feiyou.


"In the past, our products had no content. Now we need to turn the products into games, and then form games into courses. At the same time, we should change our thinking from one-way product manufacturing to overall design and customization of the whole park, so as to meet the personalized needs of different kindergartens and create symbolic kindergartens with different characteristics." According to reports, with the deepening of the subdivision of preschool education equipment, Feiyou enterprise has developed from the original manufacturing products to the current overall R & D design. Especially after 2010, affected by the Asian financial crisis, the enterprise had to develop new fields. Unexpectedly, this transformation found a new breakthrough.

▼ overall design and customized display diagram of the whole park




Committed to the happy growth of children in the world

#Create children's educational space, let children play independently, and give play to children's imagination and creativity

"In the process of product research and development, we gradually realize that the world in the eyes of children is completely different from ours, and we can't imagine what combination children will build with our products. Therefore, in product research and development, we have added more parts that allow children to play independently, give full play to their own creativity, and create a world of their own." According to Bai Jieren, we will continue to adhere to Feiyou's corporate mission of "committed to the happy growth of children in the world", give full play to the role of our provincial preschool education equipment research institute, and hire more preschool education experts to discuss how to develop future preschool education and make contributions to our entire preschool education career. Let the kindergarten principals and teachers better focus on their education, and let us solve their worries about educational equipment.



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Crisis is a turning point, which has been verified again in Feiyou enterprises. Up to now, Feiyou has won dozens of honors, including "national high-tech enterprise", "China preschool education equipment benchmarking enterprise", "Zhejiang Feiyou Preschool Education Research Institute", "AAA contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise", "Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise", "China national standard drafting unit for unpowered amusement facilities", and so on.


In the past 30 years, Feiyou has developed into an excellent national brand with leading scale, advanced equipment, excellent quality and best-selling products at home and abroad in the preschool education equipment industry.

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